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T-Shirt Bag Making Machine

T-Shirt Bag Making Machine

Our T-shirt bag making machine is designed to make printed or plain color T-shirt bags using HDPE and LDPE roll film. It adopts PLC control, double servo (stepper) motor fixed length setting and LCD touch screen for real-time display of the equipment working conditions. This bag making machine is highly automatic and can complete feeding, sealing, cutting, hole punching and transporting operations in one go. It will surely create great economic benefits for all users.

Main Technical Specifications
Model DFHQ-400X2 DFHQ-450X2
Max. Width 350 mm x 2 400 mm x 2
Max. Length 650 mm 650 mm
Thickness 0.015-0.035 mm 0.015-0.035 mm
Speed 140-200 pcs/min x 2 140-200 pcs/min x 2
Air Pressure 5 kg/cm2 5 kg/cm2
Total Power 7 kW 9 kW
Weight 1400 kg 1600 kg
Overall Dimensions 6000x1400x1600mm(LxWxH) 6000x1500x1600mm(LxWxH)

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